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This page was last updated on: January 5, 2022

Forest Road Closures – January 2022

Plea to drivers to follow official diversions during Forest road closures
From 4 January 2022 the A35 and A31 will have road closures and diversions in place.

Forest organisations are asking drivers to follow the official detours and not deviate onto unfenced roads to get to their destination. The deadliest months for New Forest livestock are in winter, with most accidents taking place between 5pm and 10pm on weekdays and involving commuters. If drivers divert from the official detours onto unfenced Forest roads, a spike in animal accident deaths may well result.

In 2019, 58 animals were killed and a further 32 were injured whereas in 2020, when traffic was reduced by Covid-19 restrictions, 50 animals were killed and a further 21 were injured. Forest organisations are appealing to road users to expect the unexpected and remember that animals have right of way on unfenced New Forest roads.

Please be patient and don’t overtake unless you can clearly see the road ahead and any animals which may be grazing on the verges. Driving to the road and weather conditions is just as important as keeping to the speed limit.

How drivers can help: Follow the official diversions set by Hampshire Highways and not the satellite navigation. And if you do have to use the unfenced roads please: Be ready to stop – animals can step out even when they’ve seen you approaching.

Information on the road closures can be found on the links below:  


A31 Roadworks – starting November 2021

Advanced Notice has been given by National Highways that work will start on widening the A31 to three lanes at Ringwood, between the A31 junction for Ringwood town centre, the B3347 Mansfield Road and the B3081 Verwood Underpass.

It is expected that this could cause significant traffic disruption. The roadworks are expected to last for 12 months, potentially causing major difficulties in our parish area, traffic could get backed up to Blashford. There will be a significant impact locally and on Ringwood. Concerns have been raised as there is no traffic management scheme for our parish area and no plan for how emergency vehicles will get through.

Please see the attached page for updates:

A31 Ringwood road widening – Highways England


Councillor Vacancies

Could I be a Parish Councillor?

As a Councillor you can become a voice for your community and affect real change. Councillors are community leaders and represent the aspirations of the public that they serve. Parish and Town Councils are the most local part of our democratic system and are closest to the public.

Why don’t you stand for your local Parish cCouncil and see what difference you can make to your local community?

How much time does it take up?

Quite often Councillors say that their duties occupy them for about three hours a week. Obviously there are some Councillors who spend more time than this – and some less, but in the main, being a Parish or Town Councillor is an enjoyable way of contributing to your community and helping to make it a better place to live and work.