Parish Paths

This page was last updated on: July 6, 2021

Notification from Hampshire County Council – The Countryside Service has made an Order to temporarily close Hyde footpath 712 with Ellingham Harbridge and Ibsley Footpath 8, due to a recent bridge safety inspection.

Details can be viewed on the Council’s website by following the link below:

Public notice | Hampshire County Council (

If you have any questions please contact the Countryside Service
Hampshire County Council, CCBS Castle Avenue, Winchester, SO23 8UL

Tel: 0370 779 8829

Our Parish has an extensive network of footpaths that criss-cross thousands of acres of river valley, open heathland, wooded enclosures, and farmland. There is no better way to get to know the area than to walk it.

Here are some suggested footpath routes that are accessible online, the first one is the ‘Huff Duff’ walk and you can view/download it HERE on the National Trust website.

  1. The Huff Duff trail