Producer Focus

This page was last updated on: April 22, 2021

Buying local makes sense, the benefits are several and satisfying.

  • Provenance – you know where local produce has come from and you can get to know the people and production techniques.
  • Freshness – when it’s on your ‘doorstep’ you know it will be fresh.
  • Food miles – better from our Parish than coming half way round the world.
  • Local economy – feeding your hard earned cash into the local economy makes sense. Prosperous local businesses help support the services we rely on.
  • Welfare standards – local produce has to confirm to high standards of animal welfare – you can go and see for yourself.
  • Quality – our Parish is favoured with a moderate climate, fresh air, excellent light levels and energetic producers. Whether it’s Honey, Eggs, Plants or Meats you can expect top quality.

Here is a brief introduction to some of our Parish’s producers.

Fluffetts Farm

Is an independent free range egg producer and packer. We are a family run business who are passionate about our chickens and have been supplying the finest eggs without compromising the welfare of our birds since 1998.

We are members of the New Forest Marque, Hampshire Fare and are audited to the Laid in Britain’s quality assurance scheme, which offers the highest standards of food safety and bird welfare.

In 2008 Hampshire County Council were awarded the Compassion in World Farming’s Good Egg Award as a result of sourcing our free range eggs and supplying them to schools in Hampshire.

Our eggs are available from several outlets in the Parish including Hockeys Farm Shop and the Budgens at Blashford. Visit Fluffetts Farm web site

Bleak Hill Plants

Tracy and Judy of Bleak Hill Plants are plantaholics, they grow an exciting range of hardy and half hardy perennials for sale to the public from their premises at Bleak Hill.

One of their specialities is hardy carnivorous plants including exotic looking ‘Pitcher Plants’. If you fancy growing some Tracy or Judy will be pleased to advise you, you’ll find their enthusiasm infectious.

All of their plants are individually labelled and arranged in areas to assist with meeting your needs, there are separate areas for ‘Lower Growing’ and ‘Plants for Shade’.

The main area has the most choice and these plants will tolerate most conditions. there are descriptive labels for each of the plants so that you can make an informed decision on ‘what to plant where’.

Bleak Hill Plants opens for the National Gardens Scheme. Visit Bleak Hill Plants web site

Hockeys Farm Shop

In the heart of the Parish, Hockeys has seen a new lease of life since it changed hands early in 2014. The Farm shop has an enhanced range including village shop essentials for the store cupboard, kitchen and bathroom. The shopping environment is much improved with air conditioning and all goods in the one building.

The owners of Hockeys are keen for their shop to be an integral part of the community and they hold a variety of Exhibitions, Charity BBQ’s and other events. In the near future a Parish notice board will be erected at Hockeys so you will be able to keep close to Parish goings on – just what a village shop should be.

  • Purveyors of quality and local meat
  • Burgers and sausages made at Hockey’s
  • Newspapers/magazines
  • Selection of wines and local beers
  • Bread and pastries baked in store
  • Fresh Fruit & Veg
  • Range of local pickles and jams
  • General groceries & everyday essentials

Pop in for a coffee, meet our team and the animals. Visit Hockey’s website

Forest View Farm

In a stunning corner of the the New Forest lies the village of Harbridge which is on the edge of the low meadow land to the west of the River Avon and where Forest View is located.

Forest View is a small holding of 33 acres including woodland, home to Chris and Sarah and their growing herd of British Lop Pigs.

Rarer than the Giant Panda is how TV cook Clarissa Dickson Wright described the British Lop, and she was right. The breed has been listed as endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Their name comes from their long ears which fall over their face. They’re really docile and have lovely nature as well as being very intelligent and the sows make great mums.

They are far too important for the world to lose don’t you agree? And the meat is just the best, you’ve never really tasted pork until you’ve tried British Lop pork. Visit Forestview Farm website